Breeze Beige Hand/Kitchen Towel


Peshtemal  is a traditional Turkish towel being used to cover the body in Turkish baths or hammams for centuries in Anatolia. Nowadays, peshtemal became an alternative to towel and is being used in bathrooms, beaches, pools, saunas, spas, yacht, during swimming and other sport activities. It can also be used as beach pareo, chic accessories, chair or table throw. It is a perfect companion in sports activities, light and compact choice while traveling and camping.

  • includes 1 beige hand/kitchen towel with white stripes
  • fabric is made of 100% high quality Turkish cotton
  • approx. dimensions* are 23 X 37.5 inches (58 X 95 cm)
  • available other colors
  • can be combined with Breeze Beige Peshtemal
  • soft, practical, uni-sex, multi-purpose, stylish and unique product
  • alternative to towel
  • can be used as a hand towel, kitchen towel, hair towel, guest towel, gym towel or table throw
  • highly absorbent
  • easy to dry
  • light in weight, easy to carry
  • compact, occupies less space in linen closet or while traveling
  • high endurance

Care Instructions: Please wash it before first use. Gentle wash with cold water in machine or hand


*Dimension might vary slightly

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