What is Peshtemal?

TURQuoise & Beyond is redefining the towel with a unique Turkish towel collection, Peshtemal.

What is Peshtemal?

Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel being used in Turkish baths for centuries in Anatolia. The woven cloth was originally used to cover the body in Turkish baths or hammams. Nowadays, peshtemal became an alternative to towel and is being used in bathrooms, beaches, pools, saunas, spas and during sport activities. It can also be used as beach pareo, chic accessories or table cloth. The fabric is made of high quality Turkish cotton and/or bamboo.

Why use Peshtemal?

As a practical, multi-purpose, stylish and unique product; Peshtemal has become very popular in Turkey and started to spread as a new trend. It can be used as a towel or a wrap. It is a perfect companion in sports activities, light and compact choice while traveling and camping,

  • highly absorbent
  • easy to dry
  • light in weight
  • compact, occupies less space while traveling
  • high endurance

Where to use Peshtemal?

Peshtemal can be used

  • as an alternative to towel in bathrooms, pools, beaches
  • as a wrap or towel in saunas, spas
  • as a pareo over swimming suit
  • in gym and during sports activities such as swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, etc...
  • as accesories
  • as table cloth