About Us

TURQuoise & Beyond was born with the passion to introduce you with unique treasures coming from Turkey. With our product lines, we aim to be a bridge between modern life and ancient times, elegance and tradition. Through each product, designed and produced in Turkey with high quality materials; we are thrilled to touch your heart. Our company is based in Austin and distributes its products all over United States.

TURQuoise & Beyond is redefining "towel" with a unique Turkish towel collection, Peshtemal.

  • Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel being used in Turkish baths or hammams for centuries in Anatolia. The fabric is made of high quality Turkish cotton and/or bamboo
  • Peshtemal has become an alternative to towel because it absorbs water faster than a towel, dries very quickly, is light in weight and occupies less space while traveling
  • It is used in bathrooms, beaches, pools, spas and sport activities
  • As a practical, stylish and unique product, Peshtemal is spread as a trend all around Turkey

TURQuoise & Beyond is currently offering a jewelry line by Chain Reaction Istanbul, where chains emerge in contemporary forms to enhance the chic with a confident twist. 

Istanbul, embracing Asia and Europe with its bridges on the Bosphorus, is one of the most fascinating cities in the world with its natural beauty, historical and cultural legacy. Inspired by Istanbul, TURQuoise & Beyond will continue to fascinate you by adding new products to its collections.